Allan Linder

Allan Linder – a contemporary artist, who has been walking the path of fine art for over 30 years. He is eminent for his remarkable efforts in painting, sculpting, writing, creating graphic novels, animated character design, and children’s book illustration.

Linder is of Italian descendent and was born in 1966 in California, where he led a very colorful childhood. He had fairly unique family circumstances with four generations of artists. As a result, he spent his childhood in colors and canvases. He used to pass his time sketching all day with his imagination.

Allan is currently settled in New York and exhibiting his work in diverse places. Prior to New York, his works were exhibited through numerous renowned channels in different countries and cities known for their artistic traditions, namely, Barcelona in Spain; Paris in France; Hamburg in Germany; and Sao Paolo in Brazil. In the United States, Allan’s paintings, sculptures, drawings and other works are exhibited from New York to California. He has also exhibited at the “Artists’ Gallery”, Chelsea.

From the earlier phase of his career, Linder used to love experimenting with the theme of his works and materials he used for his paintings. As a contemporary artist, he integrates so many slices of life into his paintings – plentiful objects, people, shapes, symbols are incorporated into his works.

His paintings are full of energy with rich colors and realistic scenarios. Right now, He is in love with New York cityscapes and landscapes. He continues to create his works with rich colors and vivid emotions.

Allan is experienced in almost every type of medium – whether it is wood sculpture, stone carvings, bronze cast, wax or clay figurine, aluminum… Out of all the tools, he is most passionate about a simple pencil on paper and he’s well-known for his acrylic use.

Allan is also recognized for his indie graphic novel – ‘Prisoner of the mind’. According to Super Robot Mayhem, it is the most impressive indie graphic novel of the decade.

From writing to sculpting, stone carving to graphic novels, Linder is a versatile contemporary artist of his time. He has been in this field for over 30 years but the love and passion for his work becomes greater every day. He continues to challenge himself and revelation of his spectators with his ongoing pieces of work.


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