Carlos Guzman

Carlos Manuel Guzmán Hernández, also known as Carlos Guzman is a famous Cuban painter and illustrator. He was born in 1970 in Havana, Cuba. Whether it is paintings, sketching or illustration, Guzman has been a devoted explorer of art. He is one of the most dominant figures in modern day contemporary art and is profoundly creative.

Guzman graduated from San Alejandro National Academy of Visual Arts in 1989. Right now, Guzman holds the title of Professor of Fine Arts and teaches art at different academic levels.

Interestingly, since his University days, Guzman has been attracted to subjects like ‘Solitude’ and ‘Absence of Communication’ and reflecting these in his art.

According to Guzman, his artwork has been influenced by several artists namely, Antonia Eiriz, Acosta Leon, and Fidelio Ponce. Moreover, renaissance, and medieval premises often dominate his canvases.

From his mythical series, we can observe how his imagination flows on the ideas of magic and the universe. Whether it is ‘Abracadabra’ or ‘Bandadas de Peces’, dreams and visions always have a preferred place in Guzman’s artworks. On the other hand, his futurist imagination concerning technology, human mind, and sub-consciousness shows another side of his ingenuity. Ultimately, his works represent the magic of the psyche.

Humans and their relationship with the Mother Nature and the Universe have been the fundamental theme of Guzman’s works. Whether it is a sketch, a painting, or a collage with cardboards or fabrics, everything represents his dreams.

Guzman’s works have a certain spiritual energy to them. He mostly uses primary colors like sepia while telling the story of the past. He tries to depict a story in every series of his creations. He creates an imaginary world, a dreamland in his canvases. We can detect the elements of humanity, the magic of the universe, imaginative beings, technology, illusion, and perception in the conception of Guzman.

Today, Guzman passes his time in his studio creating something that comes from deep inside of him. He has had various solo and group exhibitions at art galleries around the world. His art is appreciated globally from America, to Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and more…