Chen Wenbo

Chen Wenbo, the modern-day artist acknowledged for his contemporary realist movement. He is considered to be one of the finest modern realist oil painters in Chinese Art.

Chen Wenbo was born in Chongqing in the province of Sichuan, China in 1969. He graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1991 and became a major envoy of this painting school.

The use of vivid colors, the highly detailed depiction of ordinary life with the expression of an image is what characterizes the artwork of Chen Wenbo. He made his name with the images of neon and flashy colors of the clubs and ravers. However, he moved his focuses from those portraitures to realistic ordinary daily still-life objects. He creates deeply comprehensive across-the-board paintings using flamboyant colors.

According to Chen Wenbo, the mass produced and everyday ordinary objects have a certain aura that attracts him the most. He gave up on painting people for a long time now. What he searches and finds interesting are high-street entities. He focuses on those objects that have little to no interest in other people’s eyes. He spends lots and lots of time to observe the things differently than other people might and then presents them from a whole new perspective. He loves huge canvases and super-bright and psychedelic colors.

The daily ordinary commodities, Chinese mahjong boards, egg yolks, toilet papers, car keys, bathroom tiles, food products, match sticks, pills, washbasins, and dice – all get a vivid and vibrant perception in the hands of Chen Wenbo. Within the canvas and bright colors, these humdrum objects obtain certain charm that leave you mesmerized. He believes that even though these mundane items are made and used by people, they happen to possess both artificial and spiritual beauty.

He created various series with numerous subject matters, such as Epidemiology Series, Lucky Series, Vitamin O Series, Vitamin Z Series and so forth. In his epidemiology series, he chose egg yolks as the subject matter while he selected dices for the Lucky Series. For Vitamin series, he represented the Chinese club goers that rendered in bodily pretenses and glowing colors. The title Vitamin reflects on the ecstasy of the ravers.

Chen Wenbo had numerous solo exhibitions around the world – His works emerge in numerous museums across China, Europe and North America regularly.