Rudolf Bauer

Rudolf Bauer, a German-born painter, was born in a middle-class family in Lindenwald in the province of Posen in 1989. They later they moved to Berlin. From his childhood, he was attracted to fine arts even though he was harshly reprimanded by his family for his interest in the arts. Despite the condemnation from his father, his dream to go to an art school stayed with him, and he left home and joined an art school in Charlottenburg, 1905.

His art was saturated with vibrant colors, different shapes, lines, projectiles, and crisscrosses. His ‘Vivace 6’ depicted a figure with whips and blood red frames. On the other hand, another work ‘Quiet’ is calmer in terms of colors but still revealed an explosion of provocative imagery. Bauer’s earlier works included geometry with symbols, colors, biomorphic shapes, and more.  

Later, Bauer’s focus shifted towards a constructive style. The multi-colored lines, spheres, rectangles, squares with warm color overlaps made his paintings especially pleasant to the eyes. With these his canvas became much bigger than his earlier expressionist paintings. His tour de force ‘Spiritual Pleasures’ portrayed this new form brilliantly.

For Bauer, light and space, movement, formlessness, and colors were reflective of his spiritual practice that showcased itself in his artworks.