Osteria Francescana

Is this possibly the world’s best restaurant? If you’re going by experts (1,000 gastronomic experts worldwide) then Osteria Francescana is the best restaurant in the world. And this isn’t something that has come out of the blue, Osteria Francescana spent the last two years ranked at number two. A tradition of excellence, renowned chef and distinctive Italian style… A dining experience that surpasses all others.

Featuring two tasting menus and a full range of a la carte options, Chef Massimo Bottura’s restaurant has something for everyone. Highlights include the renowned Five Ages of Parmigiano Reggiano, featuring the best cheeses and textures Italy has to offer. Each dish is created to perfection and offers more than just a taste of Italy, but also an experience and most fond memory. The restaurant itself offers a modern black and white interior, which contrasts spectacularly with the colorful ingredients chef Bottura utilizes to perfection.

Established in 1995, the restaurant is situated in a humble and remote area of Modena and represents the passion and flavor, the gusto and flare of Italy. His created dishes – Risotto cacao e pepe, for example – just highlights the creative mind of the chef in his modern and contemporary restaurant. With three Michelin stars, each dish is a medley of color to satisfy your eye’s appetite as well…each dish is a visual celebration for sure.

And when you’re done with that first and second and third course, your dessert will bring out sweet sensations that are both unique and delicious. Osteria Francescana quotes “slow food in fast times is our way of life.” You’ll be happy that they abide by this motto.

For those of you who visit Osteria Francescana, rest assured that Bottura’s creativity will astound your taste buds for a truly once in a lifetime dining experience.


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