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Below are some sample profiles of actual, active gentlemen members (currently single and looking to meet someone special through the Club). Please note that while there are no photos included in this member sample here, once you join, you ARE provided with photos of your potential matches (most gentlemen want to know that you find them attractive etc before meeting etc). You’re also given their actual first names before your date.

Here at SEI Club we take member privacy very seriously. To preserve privacy, names have been modified or omitted.

Please find a very small sample of current, single gentlemen members below:


K. is an incredibly good-looking, successful gentleman in his early 60’s. He has had an achievement-oriented life as he is an established, Ivy League educated attorney doing very well in DC. He is worldly, sophisticated, well-traveled (he’s visited over 50 countries and counting…). K. has many interests…he is urbane and enjoys all things cultural, form the ballet to photography to theatre, to dramatic film…and all of the arts. Masculine, he is also fit and sporty. He likes to go skiing, scuba diving, and he relishes the fresh outdoors (hiking and savoring beautiful, natural surroundings).

You’ll find that K. is intelligent and accomplished, and confident enough to be easy-going and playful. His company is great fun…in terms of appearance, he’s well-dressed, has a glowing olive complexion and is undoubtedly very attractive by any measure.

K. is motivated and has a winner’s mentality. His motto is: never, never, never give up” and clearly this has served him well in his life. He is very positive, optimistic, and enjoys giving back to the community as well. Indeed, he is currently at a great place in his life where he can thoroughly enjoy a lasting relationship with one very special woman such as yourself.

If we had to describe K. in three words they would be: Handsome. Successful. Confident.


B. is an incredibly attractive, positive, accomplished gentleman. In His fit 40’s he is tall (6’1”), and leads an active, healthy, inspiring life. He is Ivy League educated (holds an MBA), and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He has helped to build and sell companies in the renewable energy space. He views real world problems as challenges and relishes solving them in creative and profit-driven ways. What’s great about B. is that while he is accomplished and has a global perspective (he’s visited many countries and has lived in South America, London, and the US), he is also refreshingly down to earth (he enjoys outdoor/nature sports such as surfing and scuba diving).

B. has diverse taste in music and enjoys everything from the blues to world music to alternative, and Indie…originally from Maine B. has a boyishly cute charm to him that is incredibly appealing. B. is best described as: masculine, down to earth, and cute/attractive.

If you are seeking someone who is reliable, stable, and exceptionally well-put together in terms of life and enjoying every moment in a productive, healthy, laid back way, B. is perfect for you.


W.B. is an incredibly attractive, successful, accomplished, fit gentleman. At 6ft, in his youthful, fit 60’s he is Ivy League educated – W.B. holds two graduate degrees and speaks English and French fluently (he’s also learning Japanese as we speak).  By any measure, he has a great degree of freedom and flexibility in his life. He has multiple residences across the globe and can travel at whim as his heart desires. He has no concerns about money and he has many diverse interests outside of his career (he is now a high-level Psychology and Medical Ethics consultant).

Well-rounded and sophisticated, W.B. enjoys the arts and urban culture (theatre, fine dining, indeed he is a classical piano player…), just as much as he enjoys nature, tropical island activities, and outdoors activities as well. (For this reason he enjoys spending time at his residences in both city and tropical locations…if you love the beach that’s a plus!).

W.B.’s light-hearted optimism and easy going attitude, coupled with his reliable, masculine nature make him an incredible catch. W.B.’s personality can best be described as honest, decent, smart, and genuinely positive – he is also a great problem-solver who is also driven by the desire to help others.


P. is an incredibly attractive, fit, reliable, successful gentleman. Tall, dark, and handsome, he is originally Italian and has traveled all of Europe and has also been to Russia, Asia, Japan, Shanghai…traveling is something he enjoys and he absolutely loves beach and warm sunny vacations with his partner. In his mature, fit 30’s,P. enjoys hiking, biking, and the outdoors…he also enjoys rooftop lunches (with a great view)…Youthful and fun,P. is spontaneous and is up for anything with a beautiful woman such as yourself…he is the best of both worlds in that he is refined, intelligent, and sophisticated yet also sporty, masculine, and down to earth; he likes everything form classical music to theatre and the ballet to basketball, soccer, and working on cars (now that’s the full package!)

If you prefer an attractive, well-dressed, easy-going gentleman who is secure in every way and therefore doesn’t take life’s natural ebb and flow too seriously, then P. is perfect for you! In three words P. is: successful, passionate, intensely attractive (okay, four words!).


M. is incredibly successful (he’s partner at a large, multi-city/national law firm). He lives in New York. He’s tall, Caucasian, in his 50’s (he’s incredibly established, elite, and kind).

Most importantly, M. is kind, giving, humble…he’s incredibly evolved and sophisticated (not arrogant in any way). He’s fit, enjoys biking and works out daily – (also with a personal trainer etc).

Most importantly, M. is looking for a lasting relationship and true love with a woman like yourself who is kind, warm and caring…just a “good person.”

M. is very philanthropic, he gives lots to charity – so you’ll see that he’s also a very caring person (he’s incredibly successful in his career but more laid back and calm in his personal life).

Please let me know if you’d like to meet him and I’ll set it up – I think the woman who ends up with him will be very, very happy and have an amazing life together.


V.S. is a tall, attractive and very accomplished gentleman in his thirties. He is a hospitality industry leader who has opened some of the most luxurious restaurants in Manhattan and around the world. He is currently the owner and CEO of his own company and genuinely loves what he does for living.

V.S. likes to walk the line between opposites, and often rest himself on either side with ease. Yes, he enjoys life to its fullest; keeping up with events and surely staying close to music, art & fashion, but V.S. also craves the simple things in life; an early morning nature walk with his dog, proper & simple dinner with a loved one, cooking & hosting at his home for friends or a quiet evening with a book or two. V.S. is very well traveled, just like he is loyal to his friends and family, he is also loyal to certain corners of the world and return often. especially if he can sail there…

V.S. is looking for a woman who doesn’t mind a take-charge man but who also has her own wide variety of interests and debating spirit. She must be secure enough to have a partner with a ambitious schedule and have her own purpose in life as well. V.S. would like someone who piques his interest, who is well read or at least curious. She should have a kind and loyal spirit. If you possess both physical and emotional beauty and are a positive, fun loving woman, you have found what you’ve been looking for right here.


There is a wonderful gentleman named M. who might enjoy meeting very much (this is a different M 🙂 )!  He is tall (6ft), Caucasian, very fit, green eyes, intelligent, cultured, sophisticated, and ambitious. With a full head of salt and pepper hair, he’s attractive and fit (plays tennis, goes hiking, stays very active etc). He currently lives in Phoenix – comes to NY regularly. He travels frequently for work and pleasure and has an especially flexible schedule. He’s energetic, optimistic and spontaneous. He was a sports writer, then he helped grow AOL (America online) into a huge sports channel…and has worked in the sports industry (ESPN etc) practically “forever”…He actually intends to buy a minor league baseball team moving forward…he’s CEO of a company, divorced with 2 kids (both grown and on their own in their 20s)…he’s a very fit, youthful 50’s… He’s optimistic and outgoing which makes him A LOT of fun in general! M. is fun, funny, successful, and you might enjoy meeting him tremendously. M. in 3 words: Successful. Optimistic. Fun.

Note: These sample profiles have been slightly modified solely to ensure member privacy (though, they serve as a genuine sample of current, available gentlemen members looking to meet someone special through us at present). 

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