Sheila is captivating in every way.

She’s a gorgeous, youthful Italian woman in her 30’s who’s brimming with positive energy and depth. She loves to cook delectable, flavorful cuisine and is a true master in the kitchen.

She holds a high-level degree in fashion and a top culinary school degree…(yes, she’s also smart and accomplished!). Indeed, Sheila has an inviting sultry air about her that is nearly impossible to resist. She’s sweet, charming, sensual…Sheila adores a low-key bed and breakfast upstate as much as she enjoys moonlit walks in Tuscany.

She loves to watch soccer and American football on TV. Sheila is an independent yet sensually relaxed woman who doesn’t sweat the small stuff in life. If you’re a high-achieving, go-getter, Sheila may be exactly who you need to see at the end of a long, crazy day. She’ll remind you to “take it easier…” You’ll find that she naturally projects an understated grace and elegance that will truly take your breath away.


A loving, romantic relationship that has enough passion to last a lifetime…Sheila grew up in a loving close family of eight and hopes to have a least two children someday with a gentleman who feels the same way.

Relationship Interests

Dating (see where it goes)
Long-term relationship
Looking for a life partner, lover, and friend
Marriage (looking to settle down)