Catherine is a striking, professional fashion model. She speaks six languages fluently (English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and French), as she holds a Masters Degree in Linguistics and a Masters Degree in Economics.

Soft-spoken and kind, Catherine comes off as classy and sophisticated yet genuine and sweet. She is a classically trained pianist who loves art and adores Mozart’s music. With a stunning fashion model’s figure, Catherine enjoys sports such as skiing, figure skating, ballroom dancing, and horseback riding.

She also enjoys travelling, theatre, and of course…the ballet. Always an optimist, Catherine strives to see the beauty and magic in all of life’s moments. She believes that there is something positive to be learned in all things…whether they’re real-life experiences or experiences of the arts. If you enjoy the company of a beautiful, health-conscious woman who is deeply caring, here’s Catherine.


A bright, caring gentleman who is both kind and genuine. Catherine is looking to create a beautiful, lasting relationship with one very special gentleman…

Relationship Interests

Dating (see where it goes)
Long-term relationship
Looking for a life partner, lover, and friend
Marriage (looking to settle down)