Mission Statement

As a positive force, SEI Club is creative and sophisticated  and will serve you  above and beyond your  imagination.

We provide private, exceptional matchmaking/dating and matched-dating services to global leaders and especially beautiful, warm, compassionate, cheerful, balanced women.

Ours are members that many would relish in the honor to serve. It is always our goal and aim to not only brighten your day, but to contribute to brightening your already incredible life even further.

Our mission is to make life more:

  1. Peaceful
  2. Balanced
  3. Beautiful
  4. Meaningful

If you are an intelligent, evolved, accomplished single gentleman or woman, accustomed to excellence… if you are in search of an exceptional partner, lover, and friend…if who would like to love and be loved in return…then SEI Club is the perfect private, matched-dating venue for you.

You’ve come this far… now let’s find someone who just adores you…and who is perfect enough for you to adore right back…

Given the quality of service and introductions that we provide, it is easy for us to firmly stand behind and support you during your membership. For this reason, all matchmaking and dating club memberships provide a complete, 200% money back guarantee. We’re not remotely satisfied until you are completely content.