Jennifer is a sweet woman in her young, fit 40’s with a positive outlook and a winning personality. She’s charismatic and upbeat with a love for horses and all things vegan.

Although Jennifer’s profession can be demanding (she’s a lawyer), she’s rarely stressed out…instead you’ll find her joyfully attending yoga or pilates, which help keep her calm, cool, and incredibly easy to be around.

There are few things Jennifer doesn’t enjoy as she’s always curious to try new things –

whether it’s with new experiences or in terms of cuisine…She appreciates creativity and is quite personable and non-judgmental. Jennifer enjoys sailing, horse riding, and lazy days at the spa. You’ll find that life just seems easier and more fun with easy-going Jennifer by your side.


A warm, light hearted gentleman with a constructive and positive outlook. After being set-up by friends and family, she came to us so she can finally find her perfect partner; a gentleman with whom she can experience true bliss, mutual support and deep connection.

Relationship Interests

Dating (see where it goes)
Long-term relationship
Looking for a life partner, lover, and friend