Jess is a beautiful delight — she exudes an air of relaxation and peace. Best of all, she’s totally secure with who she is (and thus, easily supportive of others). To keep fit Jess enjoys cycling, dancing, yoga…Oh, and she loves romantic dinners over wine, and healthy / fine cuisine. She has one young adult son who she has a great relationship with…In her young 50’s, Jess is an upbeat yet calm media professional (she’s VERY down to earth — especially when considering that she often rubs shoulders with A-List celebrities)….Jess also teaches yoga and dance classes (for fun) which keeps her emotionally balanced, slim…and ultimately, very, very attractive. If you’re looking for a warm, beautiful, smart woman with whom to easily kick back and enjoy the positive moments of life, Jess may just be the perfect fit for you. With Jess, you’ll fall in love with life all over again.


A fun, easy-going gentleman with whom she can form a loving, meaningful, lasting relationship that acts as a sweet safe-haven from the everyday…

Relationship Interests

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