Kristin is utterly adorable at 5’5” with luminous blue eyes, fair skin, and silky, dark hair. Ivy-league educated, in her late 20’s, she’s especially insightful with a soft sense of humor and a sweet wit that has the power to uplift any conversation.

She’s funny, playful, polite and sophisticated… Kristin takes a special liking to gentlemen who take themselves and life somewhat lightly as she believes this is key for daily joy.

Although her career is just beginning to blossom, she’s clearly on the right track. Kristin loves intimate romance, quiet evenings in, and romantic dinners for two. Feel the renewing energy of spring everyday with Kristin in your life.


To create a loving, happy, mutually supportive relationship…And with the right gentleman, she’d like to create a loving home and family.

Relationship Interests

Dating (see where it goes)
Long-term relationship
Looking for a life partner, lover, and friend
Marriage (looking to settle down)