Maria is a soft spoken, passionate and well-rounded woman in her young 30’s. Her model-like features, standing tall at 5’8′, with flowing blonde hair, captivating blue eyes and slim figure, makes her stand out in the crowd wherever she goes.

She has studied the arts, theory and history, fashion and acting and has traveled all over Europe to pursue her dreams and as a guest in major fashion shows, opera premiers and art events. When she is not attending high profile events, Maria likes to spend her free time, reading, writing, listening to classical music, experiencing nature and working out.

Maria values balance, authenticity and family life. She likes experiencing new things, visiting new places and learning different cultures. While she is very carefree and spontaneous, she is driven when it comes to her number one passion, The Arts.

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A well-balanced man with whom she can share experiences with and have wonderful conversations whether they’re being social or just sitting by the fire.

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